The Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans & Outdoor Floor Fans

Outdoor Ceiling FanMake your outdoor area cooler and more enjoyable with the best outdoor fans.

Finding the best outdoor fans can be a bit of a tricky proposition. Do you need one of the best outdoor ceiling fans? Do you need a floor fan supporting your outdoor patio? If you select the wrong type of fan, then your sunroom or outdoor patio can become unusable in the warmth of the late afternoon sunshine. With the best outdoor fan, however, you can enjoy the space in comfort while you entertain, read a good book, or just enjoy a quiet moment of piece.

Here’s the Best Chart for Outdoor Fans

To find the best outdoor fan that meets your needs, you need solid information. That’s what this chart below provides you. Quickly compare and contrast makes and models of outdoor fans so you can make the best purchase possible.

PictureNameTypeOur RatingPrice
Minka Aire Sundance Outdoor Ceiling FanCeiling Fan4.8$$$
NewAir Oscillating Outdoor Misting FanFloor Fan4.2$$
Hunter Bayview Ceiling Fan with Five BladesCeiling Fan4.5$$$$
Lasko Misto Outdoor Misting FanFloor Fan3.8$$$
Westinghouse Oasis Single-Light Five-Blade FanCeiling Fan4.0$$$
Lasko Adjustable Pedestal FanFloor Fan3.9$
Minka-Aire Hugger Outdoor Ceiling Fan with LightCeiling Fan4.4$$$$$+
LaskoHigh Velocity Floor/Wall Mount FanFloor Fan4.5$$
Emerson Curva Sky Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling FanCeiling Fan4.5$$$$$
Deco Breeze Prestigious Outdoor FanFloor Fan4.5$$$$$+
PictureNameTypeOur RatingPrice

Why Are Outdoor Fans Needed?

Not any fan can be an outdoor fan. It needs to be certified to work in outdoor conditions because there are some unique factors in play. These fans must be able to withstand moisture, higher temperatures, and even added sunshine, which can deteriorate the quality of the plastic that a fan may have. Your average ceiling fan isn’t going to be able to work for the long-term on an outdoor patio or sunroom addition.

The best outdoor fan also needs to have a high velocity of air movement because it is drawing air from the exterior environment instead of an interior one. It’s a subtle, but important difference. Air naturally moves in the outdoors, even when there doesn’t feel like there’s much of a breeze present. Without the ability to draw air into fan, there will be no air movement whatsoever where you need it, which means there is no cooling that will be experienced.

Outdoor fans also help to control the environment in unique ways. The air movement that they create helps to naturally keep bugs away from you when there aren’t any screen barriers in place. When there are screens, the fan won’t have so much air power that it degrades the construction of the screen. The best outdoor fans will move just the right amount of air without making you feel uncomfortable.

What Are the Advantages of Owning an Outdoor Fan?

When you own one of the best outdoor fans, then you’ve got a great tool that will help you be able enjoy the outdoors as much as you enjoy the indoors. Sitting on an enclosed porch in the summer is nice, but it can get really hot on a sunny day. That’s because the sunlight reflects off of the patio and then gets trapped by the awning or covered area. You might be sitting in the shade, but you’ll be sweating while you do it! The outdoor ceiling fan helps to keep that warm air moving along and keeps you cool in an energy efficient way.

Even if you’re just using a floor fan, you’ll get the same benefits. The best outdoor fans that are floor based will oscillate up to 90 degrees so that the entire addition or porch can be provided with cooling comfort. Floor fans, however, must typically be placed on a GFCI outlet in case moisture should hit the circuit for some reason and try to blow it out. Be sure to look at our comprehensive reviews before purchasing so that you can make sure your home can meet the fan’s requirements!

What Are Some of the Typical Problems of Outdoor Fans?

It’s the installation point that becomes a problem for many homeowners when it comes to using an outdoor fan. Ceiling fans need to be mounted to something pretty solid. That’s why you’ll often see them mounted to an existing light fixture. The box for the fixture is already affixed to a stud and that supports the weight of the fan. Not every sun room or addition is built in such a way for there to be a stud support.

To make sure there is enough support, anchors may need to be installed in some additions to provide the enough help so that the weight of the fan won’t bring down the ceiling of the enclosed area. Just anchoring the fan to a sheet of ½ inch plywood isn’t good enough. There needs to be weight distribution along the entire ceiling so that the fan doesn’t cause a cave in or worse – fall down on top of someone!

Because of all of these changes that may need to be made, a building permit may be required by your local jurisdiction. That’s because a ceiling fan especially may be seen as a “value” improvement to the home, especially if the enclosed porch or addition is connected to the main house. Check with your local laws… or go with one of the best floor fans instead that can work in the outdoors to avoid the issue altogether.

What Are the Prices of Today’s Best Outdoor Fans?

The average price of an outdoor ceiling fan is just a little bit more than an interior fan. Most households are going to find a good fan for about $70 that will be able to meet their needs. There are entry-level options that cost a little less, but they only work in specific environments, like a porch addition that doubles as another room for a home.

Top of the line outdoor ceiling fans can cost upwards of $300. For this price level, however, you’ll receive a fully sealed unit that can work in almost any outdoor condition, including a stand alone enclosed porch. These fans are the most versatile on the market today and move a lot of air, while providing a level of artistic aesthetic excellence, but the price means that they won’t work for every budget.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

Minka Aire One Light Pewter Hugger Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fan really moves the air, even if it has a hugger design. It works well in rooms up to 15×15 in size and won’t blow you away with sound as it works to move the air around the room. There isn’t a remote control with this ceiling fan, but it does have a wall switch that installs directly. There’s an LED light that shines through the switch, which might be a bit bothersome to some folks, but otherwise the entire installation looks good and is relatively easy. For a ceiling fan at this price point, there are many users who would expect to have wood blades at the very lease. The high quality plastic doesn’t look cheap, however, and the finish stands up to the tests of time.

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Hunter Bayview Ceiling Fan

The primary feature that stands out with this ceiling fan is the design of its blades. Replicated the classic design of the palm leaf, the angle and shape of the blades are able to move more air than other fan designs because of the wider blade and better angle. The blades are also reversible so that you can customize the look of your room if you prefer and there is also a white version if you’re wanting an updated, modern appearance. At 54 inches in diameter, this fan is going to move a lot of air quickly!

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NewAir 18-Inch Oscillating Outdoor Misting Fan

Sometimes having a cooling flow of air just isn’t good enough to stay cool on a hot day. What this outdoor fan will do is provide a light misting in addition to the cooling air so that everyone stays happy on the hottest of days! You won’t get soaking wet like you can with other misting fans, but the strength of this fan is pretty outstanding. It’s only 18 inches in size, but it can cool down up to 500 square feet of outdoor space. It’s durable, has a fully adjustable head, and 3 fan speeds, making it one of the best outdoor fans there is today!

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Deco Breeze Prestigious Outdoor Fan

If you’re looking for a beautiful outdoor floor fan that can cool down plenty of space, then this oscillating fan could be the best fan for you. It’s got a premium price tag, but the 53 watt motor is outdoor rated and spins the 18 inch fan with great gusto. It’s a four-blade fan design that provides 3 speeds and it circulates air up to 10 feet away. The fan itself isn’t as quiet as other models that exist, but it does provide a strong cooling breeze that is perfect on a warm summer’s day.

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Minka Aire Oil Rubbed Bronze Outdoor Fan

If you want an outdoor fan that provides you with a look of timeless elegance, then this oil rubbed bronze model from Minka-Aire is going to be one of your best options. It can work with a light kit if it is needed. With 5 blades that provide a lot of cooling power, a 3-speed pull chain helps to customize how the fan is used. There isn’t a down rod included with this fan, however, so you may need to purchase a few additional items to complete the installation. The blades are made from wood and at 52 inches; your outdoor area will get the coverage that it needs.

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With a high quality outdoor fan, you’ll be able to stay cool all of the time and still be able to enjoy your sun room or porch. Use these comprehensive reviews to make an informed decision and you’ll be able to enjoy owning the best outdoor ceiling fan or floor fan at the best price possible!

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