Review: Bionaire Twin Window Fan

Review: Bionaire Twin Window Fan Charles Sadler

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Do you have one of those rooms that just gets unbelievably hot during the day, even when the Winter months start to set in? Would you love to have a way to keep that room cooler every day? The Bionaire twin window fan is the perfect way to accomplish that task. This fan installed directly into windows that are between 24-37 inches wide and works better when there is a vertical method of opening the window. Then it draws in cool air to your room, takes the hot air out if you reverse the fan direction, and in return you get a more comfortable room for less than $60 thanks to Amazon.

What Are the Features of the Bionaire Window Fan?

We really loved the addition of a remote control to this window fan. It’s not always easy to get up to the window where the fan is installed. The toy box could be there or you might be covered in food because you’ve been cooking over the stove for some time. With the remote, you can change the speed and spinning direction of the fan with one-touch ease and then keep going on about your day. There are also convenient front panel push buttons if you do have easy access to the window.

There are some additional features to think about with this Bionaire window fan as well:

  • a built-in thermostat helps to turn the fan on or off to help maintain the desired internal temperature of the room;
  • there are extenders included with the fan to provide of a customized fit in most windows that are below 37 inches in width; and
  • the 8.5 inch fans work in tandem with each other to draw as much air in or out as possible so that you can stay comfortable.

There’s a small LCD screen, but that’s more for you to see what the temperature setting is supposed to be more than anything else. It might be a bit of a basic fan outside of the inclusion of the thermostat, but it gets the job done and it doesn’t cost a fortune. That’s the hallmark of a good product these days!

Is There an Advantage to Owning This Bionaire Window Fan?

We really love how versatile the design of this Bionaire fan happens to be. You can install this fan vertically if needed for certain horizontal sliding windows, while the depth of the fan isn’t so much that it will ruin a screen that might be installed on your window. It even works with the permanent screens that are installed so that you can still get the cooling comfort that you need on a warm day. It’s perfect for a room with double glazed windows!

One of the interesting issues that crops up with this fan involves the thermostat. When the fan is used for a long period of time, the sensor for the thermostat can actually sense the heat generated by the fan motors sometimes and this affects how it reads the ambient temperature. You can still run the fan manually, but the automatic features become disabled when this occurs.

For many homes, this is going to be the perfect fan to help keep everyone nice and comfortable on a warm day. Remove the hot air, bring in the cool air, and enjoy owning one of the best fans on the market today with the Bionaire twin window fan.

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