Review: Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan

Review: Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan Charles Sadler

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Do you love the idea of owning a tower fan, but aren’t in love with the cost that most makes and models command? Are you looking for a tower fan that offers a number of high quality features to keep your environment dust-free? The Honeywell Fresh Breeze is a unique tower fan at its price point because it offers a washable air filter that will help to keep dust from entering your lungs. With regular maintenance every week, this tower fan will keep blowing strong all Summer long for about $50 on Amazon right now.

Why Choose the Honeywell Fresh Breeze?

What makes this tower fan stand out is its remote control, strangely enough. It’s not one of those plastic pieces of junk that is flat and easy to lose in the cushions of your couch! It’s actually got a built-in flashlight so that you can use the Honeywell Fresh Breeze day or night with ease. You simply turn on the light, change the settings that you need, and you can even use it to navigate around the hidden toys on the floor that are waiting to cause your feet pain!

There are some additional features to think about with this tower fan besides the remote control:

  • it offers 3 speeds that can all be controlled with a timer function that allows for an automatic shut-off that is up to 12 hours in the future;
  • the LCD display is easy to read and lets you quickly see the information you need to know about the fan’s settings at any given time; and
  • there is a programmable thermostat included within the design to help owners save even more on their energy costs.

It’s an oscillation fan, so there is a natural weakness at the joint where the fan turns that can wear out, just like any other fan can have happen to it. If you need good air coverage, however, and you want the washable air filter, it’s hard to find a comparable fan at this price point. That’s why it is a pretty solid investment.

Do You Gain an Advantage With the Honeywell Fresh Breeze?

Besides the washable air filter, the Honeywell Fresh Breeze also includes an ionizer which helps to freshen the air even more. When combined with the filter, the exposure to allergens in the home can be greatly reduced in every season. It can even help to pull pet dander out of the air to reduce pet allergy exposures in some homes!

We did find that using the remote control to actually change the settings on the fan was a bit difficult. The receiver for the remote oscillates with the fan, so it’s hard for the remote to speak with the fan to tell it what to do. It can be a bit noisy for a fan at times as well, especially when the Breeze feature is engaged.

For this price and with the amount of features it has, however, the Honeywll Fresh Breeze is a pretty amazing value. If you need a portable fan that can help you breathe better and stay cooler, this is the fan that you’re going to want today.

Click here to view pricing on Amazon and find a great deal on the Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan.

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