Review: Hunter Builder Single Light Ceiling Fan

Review: Hunter Builder Single Light Ceiling Fan Charles Sadler

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Do you love the warmth of Brazilian wood and its visual appeal? Are you looking for a ceiling fan that has the aesthetics of timeless elegance, but isn’t out of your price range? The Hunter Builder offers you a lot of options for a ceiling fan that is priced right in the mid-range. It may only have one light source, but the frosted glass, metal accents, and the warmth of the stained Oak blades that replicates Brazilian cherry is an amazing sight! Priced right around $90 on Amazon today, this ceiling fan is the epitome of form meeting function for even large rooms.

Why Choose the Hunter Builder Today?

Although this ceiling fan has a 52 inch diameter, there is a lot of air movement power that can be found with it. The Hunter Builder can cool down a room that is up to 400 square feet in size, so it’s perfect for the large living room, the game room, or other areas of the home that are typically cooled with air conditioning. Once installed, you could potentially save up to 40% on your Summer heating bills with this fan working for you!

There are some additional highlights to consider with the Hunter Builder as well:

  • the ceiling fan can be mounted with or without the light fixture so that it can meet every home owner’s needs;
  • it offers a 3 position mounting system so that angled ceilings, flush mounts, or a standard installation are all possible; and
  • the motor is designed to spin at three different speeds while still providing a higher level of quiet than other ceiling fans you’ll find at this price point.

Not many ceiling fans will blow you away with their quality. You install them, they spin around, and you feel a bit cooler when you stand underneath them. With the Hunter Builder, you’ll get a fan that cools down an entire room so you get a consistent temperature without having to find the breeze to cool off. That’s why it is one of the best ceiling fans on the market right now!

Is There an Advantage to Installing the Hunter Builder?

It’s the oak blades that really give this ceiling fan an advantage. You won’t have to worry about the dangers of metal blades and the quality is above and beyond anything that a plastic blade could provide. The durability is better than pressed wood or plywood and the stain adds to the authenticity of any interior design. It’s warm, inviting, but still cool in the Summer.

It’s really difficult to find something that could be improved with this particular ceiling fan. It works well, offers good room coverage, and that ultimately means more comfort when the weather is trying to make you feel uncomfortable.

Maybe a ceiling fan isn’t really something that special, but the Hunter Builder tries to set that view aside by working hard to cool a room down. If you need an upgrade or want a new ceiling fan to cut down on some costs, this ceiling fan is a solid investment to consider making today.

Click here to view pricing on Amazon and find a great deal on the Hunter Builder Single Light Ceiling Fan.

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