Review: Lasko Wind Curve Fan with Remote

Review: Lasko Wind Curve Fan with Remote Charles Sadler

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How many times have you been sitting on the couch at home, sweating half to death because the cool air from the A/C just isn’t reaching you? Would you love to watch TV, play a favorite video game, or watch a movie with the family in more comfort? The Lasko Wind Curve Fan offers you that very chance for an amazing price! For just about $60 on Amazon today, you’ll get a quiet, powerful fan that will cool you off in no time at all.

Why Choose the Lasko Wind Curve?

This tower-style fan offers a higher reach than your basic rotational fan so that you’ll get a maximum amount of air delivery without having to spend a fortune. It’s relatively quiet for a tower fan as well so that it won’t disturb you or force you to turn up the television if it’s on and you’re trying to watch something you love. Add in the remote control that gives you access to all of its functions so you don’t have to get up and the convenience of this fan will help you enjoy a quiet afternoon.

There are a few additional features to think about with the Lasko Wind Curve as well:

  • it offers 3 different speeds so that you get the best level of comfort possible without being blown away by all the noise that is produced;
  • there is a remote timer included so that you can set the fan to run for up to 7.5 hours at a time before it shuts off automatically; and
  • the safety plug is patented to provide an extra level of safety so you won’t have to worry about shorting it out if someone trips over the cord.

If you’ve got central air, then maybe you don’t need a tower fan like the Lasko Wind Curve. If you’ve got double-glazed windows or your air conditioner needs a little help, however, this fan will help you stay comfortable whenever you’ve got a little too much sweat going on.

Is There an Advantage To Using the Lasko Wind Curve?

This is the fan that you’ll want if you can’t install a ceiling fan for some reason. You don’t have to put it directly on you to have it create cooling benefits. Point it toward a corner of your ceiling and you’ll be able to displace the warm air in the entire room! In just a few minutes, you can end up with a more comfortable atmosphere and a place where you can entertain with ease.

The one issue that this fan does have is that it picks up the dust from your home and then has it collect on the inside. It is recommended that you vacuum the fan to clean it, but compressed air is often needed to remove dust fro some of the inside slats. Keep that in mind if you have concerns about dust collection.

Is this fan going to run 24/7 for you and last for a long time? Probably not. If you need a fan to help you sleep at night during the Summer or to keep a room cooled down so you and your friends and loved ones can have a great time, however, this fan has a lot to offer. That’s why we consider it a first class fan.

Click here to view pricing on Amazon and find a great deal on the Lasko Wind Curve Fan with Remote.

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