Review: Minka-Aire Concept Ceiling Fan

Review: Minka-Aire Concept Ceiling Fan Charles Sadler

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Are you looking for a unique ceiling fan that works with your modern interior design? Do you want a ceiling fan that can instantly become the focal point of any room? The Minka-Aire F518 is a concept ceiling fan that looks like something that can out of a science fiction novel. It’s got a halogen light fixture that is reminiscent of those push lights that kids use to read under their blankets at night, while three compact blades provide 44 inches of air movement for any room. Is the price tag that’s over $250 on Amazon right now worth it?

Why Choose the Minka-Aire Concept Fan?

The unique design of the Minka-Aire F518 makes it the perfect ceiling fan for those rooms or homes that have an 8 foot ceiling. It has a 10.5 inch hanging depth, so you won’t have to worry about smacking your head against the fan after it has been installed. The blades have a 14 degree pitch to them, allowing the design of this fan to move a lot of air. Because it’s so compact, there is very little wobble to fan as well, minimizing any chances of damage occurring too.

There’s some additional highlights that the Minka-Aire F518 can provide as well:

  • the installation is a snap and takes very little time – up to 75% less time than a conventional ceiling fan takes to install;
  • a remote control system is included with the ceiling fan so that you can get full functionality from the palm of your hand; and
  • there are three fan speeds included and the fan is reversible so that it can be used all year long.

It’s the energy savings that really makes this fan stand out. When it is at high speed without the light on, the Minka-Aire F518 will only use 40 watts of power. Now compare that to how much a window air conditioner might cost to operate and the cost savings could be enormous!

Is There an Advantage To Owning the Minka-Aire Concept Fan?

What’s really nice about using this ceiling fan is that it offers a flexible user experience. The remote control gives you access to the fan’s controls from up to 40 feet away. You can hook up the fan through a standard switch as well and there’s a full range light dimmer that is completely separate from the on/off switch. There’s even a remote control holder that you can affix to the wall.

The one issue of which you should be aware is that the warranty by Minka-Aire will not be honored with a purchase on Amazon. We contacted the company about this and the representative stated it was because they had no control over the quality of the shipping and delivery of the item.

The Minka-Aire F518 is easily one of the best ceiling fans on the market today. If you’re willing to risk the warranty issue, we believe that you’ll be pleased with the results that this fan can offer your home. It’s small and compact, but it is much more powerful than the first impression may imply.

Click here to view pricing on Amazon and find a great deal on the Minka-Aire Concept Ceiling Fan.

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