Review: Minka-Aire Pewter Hugger Ceiling Fan

Review: Minka-Aire Pewter Hugger Ceiling Fan Charles Sadler

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Are you looking for a ceiling fan that will work in some of the most compact areas that your home has? Do you need a fan that will work with a low ceiling in your room, but still not cause you to smack your head or a hand into it? The Minka-AIre pewter hugger ceiling fan  will help you solve the toughest cooling challenges you have in the tightest of spaces! It’s 3 blade design provides you three different styles to work with your interior design with a classic looking pewter base. It’s priced around $300 on Amazon right now, but will provide you a long lasting investment you won’t have to worry about for a long, long time.

What Are the Features of This Minka-Aire Ceiling Fan?

This ceiling fan really moves the air, even if it has a hugger design. It works well in rooms up to 15×15 in size and won’t blow you away with sound as it works to move the air around the room. There isn’t a remote control with this ceiling fan, but it does have a wall switch that installs directly. There’s an LED light that shines through the switch, which might be a bit bothersome to some folks, but otherwise the entire installation looks good and is relatively easy.

There are a few additional features to consider with this ceiling fan as well:

  • it has a one light design that will use just 49 watts of power when you have the fan on full speed without the light on;
  • it uses halogen lights and offers a silver shaded glass covering so that your room gets the complete, elegant treatment; and
  • the blades are made to be concave so that the only sounds you’ll be hearing is the movement of the air.

The one issue that might bother some home owners is the fact that the blades of this ceiling fan are plastic. For a ceiling fan at this price point, there are many users who would expect to have wood blades at the very lease. The high quality plastic doesn’t look cheap, however, and the finish stands up to the tests of time.

Is There an Advantage to Owning This Minka-Aire Ceiling Fan?

It’s the sleek design that really makes this ceiling fan stand out. There are so many hugger fans that are on the market today that just don’t have the ability to move a lot of air. Some are only rated for rooms that are 80 square feet in size! This ceiling fan from Minka-Aire puts them all to shame. You might pay a small premium for this model, but a large, low-ceiling room will definitely benefit from its installation.

The one place for real improvement that we see with this fan would be the operational switch. It’s tensioned very high, so it takes a good bit of effort to turn the fan on or off from the wall. It can be done, but it’s not like a light switch that you can just bump up or down.

Not every home or room is going to need this fan. That much is definitely true! It is perfect, however for larger rooms with lower ceilings because this Minka-Aire offering can move air where others simply cannot. That’s why it receives our recommendation today as one of the best ceiling fans available on the market today.

Click here to view pricing on Amazon and find a great deal on the Minka-Aire Pewter Hugger Ceiling Fan.

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