Review: Natural Light Solar Attic Fan

Review: Natural Light Solar Attic Fan Charles Sadler

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Do you need a whole home cooling option for the hottest Summer days in your neighborhood? Are you avoiding air conditioning and other fan options because you’re trying to minimize your impact on the environment? Then this solar attic fan from Natural Light is the answer to the problems with the heat that you’ve got right now! It is a whole home attic fan that is rated for Florida’s weather that runs on the power of the sun alone. Install the solar panel on your roof, run the fan through the attic, and you’ll have a cooler home for about $400 with shipping on Amazon today.

Why Choose a Solar Attic Fan for Your Cooling Needs?

The issue with so many cooling options that are available today is that they either take a lot of power to work or they use refrigerants that harm the environment either in their creation or in their exhaust. This 30 watt attic fan from Natural Light does none of that! The hot air in your home rises, so it heads up to your attic. When you vent that air, then it allows more warm air to rise to displace the cooler air. Over the course of a few minutes, you have suddenly cooled down your entire home!

Here are some other reasons to consider a solar attic fan for your cooling needs today:

  • some home owners may be eligible for a tax credit of up to 30% off of the purchasing price once the installation of the fan is completed;
  • there is a 25 year warranty provided to protect the investment being made; and
  • this fan adequately moves over 1,500 CFM of air even when under full sunshine to keep the home nice and cool.

This is the perfect attic fan for homes that are about 2,500 square feet in size. The solar panel affixes firmly to the roof and it has enough power to let you run your fan whenever you want without having to worry about adding to your electrical bill in the process.

Is There an Advantage to Owning This Attic Fan?

This solar attic fan by Natural Light isn’t going to help you get off the grid. It will, however, install very easily for you upon receiving it. There is a very helpful how-to video included with the product that will show you how to complete the installation over the course of an afternoon or so. You might need a few extra tools, but otherwise you’ll enjoy the outcome of your work.

There’s really nothing to say in a negative way about this fan. It removes the hot air from the attic very efficiently. It can run on up to 30 watts, move plenty of air, and help your home stay cooler on some of the hottest days of the year. If you’re willing to make an investment into your home that will last for the life of your roof and not damage the environment in the process, then the Natural Light solar attic fan is easily one of the best fans to purchase today to meet your needs.

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