Review: Ozeri 44 Inch Triple Tower Fan

Review: Ozeri 44 Inch Triple Tower Fan Charles Sadler

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Are you looking for a portable tower fan that is as powerful as it is stylish? Do you want one of the best fans on the market today that will provide you with quiet cooling comfort? The Ozeri triple tower fan offers 44 inches of passive noise reduction support that keeps you cool without bursting your ear drums! The secret behind the Ozeri design is to use canted blades which have unique curvatures built into them. As they rotate, the fans cancel out the sounds that the unit makes, allowing you to enjoy the cool flow of air around you. Priced at $100 on Amazon today, it’s a pretty amazing deal on a fan that is equally amazing.

What Key Features Does the Ozeri Triple Tower Have?

With this fan, you don’t just get a tower fan with three units that blow at the same time. Ozeri has created technology that allows you to control all three fans independently of each other. Each has three different fan speeds associated with it, so you’re really getting 9 different degrees of cooling thanks to this extra level of flexibility! This unrivaled technology makes the Ozeri Triple Tower a stylish, fun to use addition to any home.

There are a few additional features to highlight with this fan as well:

  • the fans on this triple tower are less than three inches thick, so you won’t have to dedicate an entire area of your room to this fan’s installation;
  • the visual appeal of this fan is the best in the industry today, with the reinforced glass base providing that last extra high quality touch; and
  • there are 3 airflow patterns that are programmed into the fan that are designed to help you sleep easier at night, even on the warmest of nights.

Most tower fans are nice to own because they move a lot of air, but they’re either noisy or they struggle to keep up with the circulatory air flow demands of the home. The Ozeri Triple Tower is slim, compact, and quiet, but don’t let that fool you. It moves a lot of air!

Is There an Advantage to Owning the Ozeri Triple Tower?

It’s the controls of the Ozeri Triple Tower that help to make it really stand out. There are front-side touch buttons that give you easy access to all of the features that this fan has. You can program the 7.5 hour shut-off timer from there as well in half hour increments, or if you prefer, you can also do so from your chair or bed with the long distance remote control. You just assemble the fan and base together and plug it in. That’s how fast you can get started enjoying the cooling comfort of this fan!

There is an issue with the triple fan design that affects the wiring or motors of one of the fans in the design. Some users report that one of their fans will stop working after using the fan for some time. When it does work, this fan is excellent. If you encounter this problem, you will want to take advantage of the warranty or return policies available to you.

It’s a great, quiet fan that will serve your cooling needs quite well. We recommend this fan because we found it to be a highly reliable piece of technology that helps many to stay cool on a daily basis.

Click here to view pricing on Amazon and find a great deal on the Ozeri 44 Inch Triple Tower Fan.

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