Review: Panasonic Whisper Warm Ceiling Fan

Review: Panasonic Whisper Warm Ceiling Fan Charles Sadler

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Do you get a bit chilly after you step out of the shower or bath in the morning? Or do you have a work shop that could use an extra bit of heat as you ventilate the room? The Panasonic Whisper Warm is the ceiling fan that you’ll want to consider today. It acts as a fan, but it has a built-in heater that lets you have more combinations that fit your needs. It’s small, very quiet, and easier to install than most other ceiling fans as well. Priced for about $250 on Amazon today, it’s a good value purchase that will provide you the perfect experience when you turn it on.

What Are the Key Features of the Panasonic Whisper Warm?

It’s the design of the heating element on the Panasonic Whisper Warm that makes it really stand out. It’s a tubular design that has a heating element that has been sheathed in stainless steel. The element itself has a Nichrome wire with magnesium oxide so that the heat transfer you feel is always at the optimal amount. The blower wheel then draws are in from both sides and you get the moisture vented and the warmth you need in any given situation.

Here are some additional highlights to think about with the Panasonic Whisper Warm as well:

  • it is rated to move up to 110 cubic feet per minute, which is equal to the square foot coverage that this fan can cover;
  • it can be operated continuously for several years with the permanently lubricated motors and slow movements that prolong bearing life; and
  • it is shower or tub enclosure rated when the fan is installed on a GFCI circuit.

There’s even a night light included with the design of this ceiling fan so that you can see without having to turn on a light in the middle of the night and disrupt your sleep cycles. It’s a 4 watt bulb that is Energy Star certified and at just 22 pounds, the installation is nice and easy for most ceiling mounts.

Is There an Advantage to Owning the Panasonic Whisper Warm

We really love the design of the built-in damper with this Panasonic ceiling fan. If you’ve ever stood underneath a ceiling fan in the dead of winter and felt a blast of cold air coming from it, then you know why having a good damper is so important! When you add in the heater and the other components of this ceiling fan, it becomes a very nice addition to any room and it will always be ready to do more than just vent the stale air.

Any time there is a heating element in play, there are some issues that may crop up. Elements can wear out over time or the magnesium oxide might degrade. There is a 3 year warranty on the product, however, so replacing the issue isn’t much of a problem.

If you need a little heat to go with your ventilation needs, then the Panasonic Whisper Warm is the perfect ceiling fan for you. It offers you the versatility that you need, the features you want, and at a price you’re going to like.

Click here to view pricing on Amazon and find a great deal on the Panasonic Whisper Warm Ceiling Fan.

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