Review: Rowenta Turbo Silence Speed Oscillating Pedestal Fan

Review: Rowenta Turbo Silence Speed Oscillating Pedestal Fan Charles Sadler

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Are you looking for a traditional pedestal fan that can move a lot of air without blowing you away with the noise that it produces? Do you need something that is strong enough to cool down an entire room? The Rowenta Turbo Silence is a pedestal fan that offers the traditional oscillating experience, but does so on a brand new level. It moves air up to 2,436 CFM and provides an immediate sensation of coldness for those that are in front of the fan. It’s priced at $120 on Amazon, so it’s in a premium price class, but you’ll also receive a premium outcome.

Why Choose the Rowenta Turbo Silence?

If you’ve ever used one of those cheap box fans or an entry-level oscillating fan, then you know how loud those fans can be. It’s not just the spinning of the fan blades that assaults your ears either because there are vibration noises, cranks and creaks with the oscillation, and that loud hum from the cheap plastic blades bending under the force of the fan’s motor. All of that goes away with the Rowenta Turbo Silence. You turn it on and the 5 blade design goes to work moving more air with less noise. It easily outperforms most pedestal fans on the market today.

There are some additional features to think about with the Rowenta Turbo Silence as well:

  • the highest noise levels that are recorded from the top speed levels is just 57 decibels, so it is about as quiet as the local library;
  • the height on this fan can be adjusted from 42 inches to 54 inches so that you can reach the right areas with cooling comfort; and
  • there is a wider than normal base to give this fan extra stability, along with a remote control operation so you don’t even need to get up to make changes.

These fans can be such a pain to clean sometimes because they collect a lot of dust, but you can’t always reach the blades. The grid of the Rowenta Turbo Silence is easy to remove so that you can quickly clean up the mess. Then you just turn it on, watch TV or read a book, and you’ve got a cooler, more hygienic environment!

Is There an Advantage To Owning the Rowenta Turbo Silence?

This oscillating fan is nearly twice as powerful and twice as quiet as other leading fans of a similar design, but that’s not its real advantage. It’s the design of the pivoting head that really makes this fan stand out. You can pivot the head up to 90 degrees left, right, up, or down so that you can cool a whole room down quickly or have a personal level of comfort when you need it. The 16 inch size won’t take up much space for you either and the 4 speed settings give you added customization.

The base of this fan is a bit heavy, so that might put off some users because it isn’t a highly portable fan. If you’re looking for whole room comfort or a blast of cold air, however, then the Rowenta Turbo Silence is easily one of the best fans that is available today.

Click here to view pricing on Amazon and find a great deal on the Rowenta Turbo Silence Speed Oscillating Pedestal Fan.

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