Review: Westinghouse Contempra IV

Review: Westinghouse Contempra IV Charles Sadler

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Do you want a ceiling fan that offers the classic air movement experience? Are you looking for a ceiling fan that gives a lot of extra light coverage if it is needed? What you might just want to get today then is the Westinghouse Contempra IV. This ceiling fan provides a timeless elegance with its frosted, ribbed-glass shades and four light format. It isn’t for large rooms, providing about 140 square feet of coverage, but it does offer a solid performance for a bedroom or a den. Priced for less than $60 on Amazon, you’ll also have 5 styles from which to choose.

What Features Does the Westinghouse Contempra IV Have?

Although small room ceiling fans are generally short and compact, you won’t find that with the Westinghouse Contempra IV. It has a 52 inch wingspan that provides good air movement right along the ceiling and the walls. This lets you cool every inch of the room and ultimately lower your utility bills because it costs less to cool a room with this fan than an air conditioner. You’ll get all of the installation items you need as well, including a 12 inch lead wire.

There’s some additional features to highlight with the Westinghouse Contempra IV as well:

  • there is a cold-rolled steel motor with a triple capacitor that offers consistent performances in any season;
  • it has 3 different fan speeds and a reversible switch so the energy savings can be experienced in the cooler months too; and
  • the motor on the fan comes with a lifetime warranty, while the other parts have a 2 year warranty included.

It’s a pretty simple installation process. You just hook up the fan according to the instructions with a couple tools and you’re ready to go. Remember to turn the power off before you begin to make sure you stay safe!

Is There an Advantage To Owning the Westinghouse Contempra IV?

It’s the hugger mount on this ceiling fan that really makes it stand out. This mount is perfect for homes that have ceilings which are below 10 feet in size. On an 8 foot ceiling, you won’t lose an extra 12-18 inches of height with the installation because you can put this fan right up next to the ceiling. This also helps to increase the air movement to the corners of the room for faster temperature changes when the need arises.

The one issue that you’ll find with this ceiling fan is that it uses non-standard light bulbs. The intermediate base bulbs can be used, but it is generally the candelabra lights that you’ll find, which means it isn’t always easy to maximize the energy savings that can be found.

Most users are going to appreciate the combination of cost and function that the Westinghouse Contempra IV can provide. Although other ceiling fans may be more energy efficient, it has the power to get the job done quickly and effectively when you’ve got a room that needs to be cooled down.

Click here to view pricing on Amazon and find a great deal on the Westinghouse Contempra IV.

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