Review: Westinghouse Industrial Ceiling Fan

Review: Westinghouse Industrial Ceiling Fan Charles Sadler

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Do you want a large ceiling fan that is strong enough to handle almost any commercial need? Are you looking to cool down a room that is as big as 360 square feet while still being able to save energy? The three blade design on the Westinghouse Industrial ceiling fan might have a place in modern designs, but don’t let it’s clean, simple lines fool you. With an indoor 56 inch design, it is ideal for any room, whether in your home or at the job site. It’s also priced just right, coming in with a price point under $80 on Amazon right now.

What Are the Features of the Westinghouse Industrial?

Unlike other ceiling fans that offer 3 speeds for a customized air movement experience, the Westinghouse Industrial offers 5 speeds for a better overall environment. Even though it provides extra power, it won’t use extra power to generate more air movement, needing just 60 watts in total to run without lights. With a .5×12 inch down rod and a ball hanger installation system, it won’t take much time to get this beautiful ceiling fan up and running!

There are a few additional features to consider with the Westinghouse Industrial as well:

  • it offers a 153x17mm cold-rolled steel motor with a single capacitor, which is slightly larger than what standard motors are today;
  • it moves air with an efficiency of 104 CFM per watt, one of the best in the industry today; and
  • the brushed nickel and polished steel look of the fan gives it a suitable visual appeal in almost any environment.

Unlike other ceiling fans, however, you won’t find a lifetime warranty on the motor for this fan. It’s got a 15 year warranty that comes with it instead, probably due to the fact that it is being marketed more toward commercial applications than residential ones.

Is There an Advantage to Owning the Westinghouse Industrial?

The advantage that we see with this ceiling fan might also be its disadvantage to some owners. The blades are made from metal, so you’ll get a durable lifespan out of this ceiling fan and the blades are very easy to clean. If you’ve got this installed on a lower ceiling, however, you’ll need to duck the fan while it is spinning because it could cause a pretty good injury.

If there was a way to improve this fan, it would be to change the control mechanism along the wall. It’s a huge switch that looks like it belongs in a home that was built in 1965. You can purchase other controllers, but that’s an additional cost to the fan.

It’s quiet, it moves a lot of air, and it provides an elegant design that many people are going to love. As long as you install them about 10 feet off of the floor and don’t need a ceiling fan that has reversible features, then the Westinghouse Industrial could be the best ceiling fan for you today!

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